Friday, July 27, 2007

It's official!

I, your faithful confidant, will have more than 100 days of vacation for the third year in a row!!! First, the new trip that put me over the top...

As you know, I have been listening to Ryan Adams' new album "Easy Tiger" incessantly lately, so much so I have felt like a teenager listening to the same song over and over again for weeks but it's a whole album and it's been 5 days but anyway, while doing a casual search today I see that Ryan Adams will be playing in London on November 16th. I have had this feeling quite a few times in the past 4 years. I immediately went to easyjet and ryanair to find out about prices for tickets. A Thursday to Sunday is usually when it is at its most expensive but it was reasonable. I could have gotten cheaper tickets from ryanair but I would have had to fly from Karlsruhe which is a two-hour bus away, about 50euros, but flying from Basel is so much more convenient but they cost 80euros. I have a job, I thought, convenience for 30euros, and the answer is absolutely so. Then I checked the website where to get the tickets but I wasn't able to buy them because I didn't have an English address so I enlisted Maya and she was on the job. One of the best things about her is that once you set her in motion, she is at her best. She may not be the most self-motivated person I know but man, when you need her help, she rolls up her sleeves and 5 minutes later she had tickets for the concert and I had tickets to fly to England for what will be just 6 weeks after going there in early October. It was impulsive and it was what I am best at.

So now the particulars, how the breakdown of more than 100 days of vacation looks like in 2007:

1)Jan 1-5 California (remnants of Xmas vacation) 5
2)Feb 16-Mar 5 Turkey 17
3)Apr 4-15 Berlin/Budapest/Vienna 11
4)May 24-Jun 3 Montenegro 10
5)Jul 31 - Aug 29 OC/SD/NYC/BOS/PHI 29
6)Sep 14-22 Andalusia, Spain 8
7)Oct 3-7 London 4
8)Nov 15-18 London 3
9)Dec 14-29 Southern California 15

That, my friends, is 102 days I will not be in my town because I will be somewhere. 2006 I had 106 days of vacation and 2005 I had 126 days of vacation. How could I possibly leave Germany?


At 1:27 PM, Blogger J said...

Weekends shouldn't count in your tally. 'Days of vacation' should be calculated as days off work. What does that bring the total to?


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