Saturday, July 07, 2007


July 7, 2007 woopie

haha, I read that this will be the day with the most weddings ever in America. I guess the men will be able to remember the big day easier.

Last night, we went to a party thrown by the Forestry department of the university. They had live music, a great reggae-ska band and I was dancing and drinking and having a blast. I hung out with people from Mexico, Canada, Cameroon, Ethiopia and England last night. The English folks had just played a concert across town and were just chilling and hanging out and we did some shots together. It was so cool, the students that Lauren and I had eaten with earlier in the day were going to the concert from that band, Faithless and then at the end of the night I was doing shots with them at a student party, it was kick ass!

Going to see Die Hard 4 tonight and eat some Indian food, maybe visit the Winefest after that...


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