Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paul McNulty

You think I ever gave a rat's ass who that guy is? Not until January, when I first heard about the US Attorneys being fired en masse in attempts to what:

1)prevent investigation of Republicans
2)bring fraudulent voter fraud cases against Democrats
3)cover up fraudulent Republican voter fraud
4)bring fraudulent cases against Democratic presidential candidates for the 2008 election

Can you believe some people think that nothing improper has been committed? Who put the names on the list? Why? If that can't be answered, we have a breakdown of justice. Our justice department has been compromised. We are no longer a first world country.

I doubt ---

Some women protesters have just been removed from the hearing room. They are from Code Pink.

I doubt that McNulty is going to drop any bombshells but how's he going to answer the people who said he didn't tell the truth? He's going to disagree and not know about other people. And there was a paper that cut him out of the loop. He's not part of the problem in my opinion but maybe he'll say something about someone else. The White House is involved. The fact that millions are emails are missing, some are not being turned over, the president is claiming executive privilege what two of his aids are writing back and forth, it stinks. I just don't think it's from his mouth. Meirs, Rove, Taylor, Sampson, Goodling, Gonzales. The first 3 are from the White House...


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