Saturday, June 02, 2007


Had a big mussels dinner with about 7 people last night at the dead grandma's place where I have been staying. Fantastic food and they call wine spritzre "gemischt" here, which is funny because that is the German word for "mixed", which is exactly what it is.

I'll be home in about 24 hours and there is tons to do but I have had a great time here in Montenegro. The people are outgoing and some of their attitudes remind me of back home in California. I am looking forward again to the organization of Germany. It's interesting becuase I have become addicted to having a good control of my life via public transporation and predictability. Hell, the power goes out here once a day for an hour or two all over. There are a bunch of kids in the internet cafe playing soccer on a video game together. Shows you a distinct generation gap. It's come a long way since my Commodore 64k, eh?


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