Sunday, June 24, 2007

An email to some student

Some 17-year old sent an email to about 30 English teachers complaining about points taken off of a test he had taken. He could understand how these were points and his feathers were up in a huff. I responded with a little of my breakdown in the sentences in question and then he wrote back wanting specific citations for why this was the way it was. Here was my response to him (in English of course, even though he's complaining in German about how good his English grade is):

How much does all of this change your grade? Life is too short sometimes, ya know? I'm sure you could do your own research if you want to know the answer to that. You want specific reasons for nuances of language and I don't have the time to find an explanation that will satisfy you. I could see why you thought you should have gotten more points but I also agree with some of the points taken off. Das ist halt so, verstesh?

And learning something by heart (auswendig) doesn't apply knowledge, only memory. I should take off more points for that! :)

Enjoy the weather


At 11:25 PM, Blogger horsty said...

Haha, shit, I would have hated youu for that

At 2:45 PM, Blogger Henry Finn said...

Hi Jason,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. I finally was able to post comments again, the censored internet in China prevented me from commenting. The reply is here
PS Good work on the e-mail, I am not to fond of people that spend so much time complaining about their marks. Looks like your having a great time in Germany, hope you have a great trip to China!


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