Saturday, May 26, 2007


I dont feel like I have enough time to tell you everything that has happened but I will give it to you in short bullet points so you can try and get a feeling for the whole picture...

Thursday, my birthday, I was having a couple of beers in a nice square, beautiful weather and then at 9.30pm had to walk to the train station because my train was coming. It was late, and I met a lot of gothic Swiss people who were going to some hard rock festival in Leipzig. One guy gave me a beer. I made the connection to the next train barely, was on it for about 4 hours and then made the connection to the airport but I forgot my photos for the exhibition on the last train and had to run back into it to get them. That was close. I made it to the airport, we landed about 8.45am and then 45 minutes later Vlatko and Maki picked me up.

*I got yelled at by the lady working on the train because I asked her some information she was too lazy to find out for me.
*When I found Vlatko and Maki, we had an espresso and then went shopping at a big supermarket outside in Dubrovnik where they bought some hiking shoes, walking stick, some dog food and some tiki torches for the exhibition on Sunday.
*The coastline is improbably beautiful, seriously. Please do a google search of Bay of Kotor and you will get an idea of it.
*I went to the spot where the exhibition is going to take place, a small piazza with a small tree. We are going to decorate it and there are about 10 other couchsurfers who are coming to the event.
*Had a beer on the water with Vlatko and Maki while Maki was "working" at his jewelry store, which really meant sitting in the shade and getting up only when people walk in.
*We left Maki and then the two of us drove to Zelenika to visit his old uncle who lives in an even older hotel. It is dilapidated but right on the water and the uncle, who is an architect and lived in Hungary for many years, has drawn up plans to renovate it but they are looking for an investment. I spoke German with him and we had a small schnapps with him.
*Vlatko has 2 dogs, one of which is almost as big and heavy as I am. It is unnerving.
*We went to a stationery store and got some paper for the exhibition for free as they are a sponsor for the event.
*We then drove around most of the bay and it was just shocking as a first time experience. We stopped and looked at an old mill which has an expensive restaurant sent a bit back from the water but had an incredible setting.
*We had some lunch when we got back. It consisted of cold chicken, olives, tomatoes, cheese and bread.
*I went to a market to buy some water and the power went out while I was inside and had to wait until they had power back so they could charge me for the drink.
*Vlatko and I jammed (me with bongos) for about a half hour, all the while with an incredible view of the bay out the window, a small old church between us and the bay.
*We drove to his other property which is in the woods about 20 minutes away. They are going to build a house there. He watered the soon to be garden and it was super peaceful there.
*There were cows in the road on the switchback up over a hill to the property.
*Vlatko had a couple of stolen olive trees they took from some "bad Russian" who want to build a hotel where his property is.
*He called the chief of police to try and get some license back because it was taken from him a couple of months ago.
*We stopped in Kotor for a drink and met up with his girlfriend and her friend from Belgrade. The setting was a small square with two different kinds of churches and it was a perfect place to have a drink (or two).
*I slept like a rock from 11pm to about 9.30 with some small interruptions.

My second day here, just so beautiful. So far so good. I miss Assiyeah, wish she was here but she has the place at home to herself and is starting some work on her thesis.

Also, a quick shoutout to Maya for getting a job with Xerox in London! Good for you!



At 1:16 AM, Blogger horsty said...

Haha, thank you!
I googled that bay thing, it looks amazing! I'm glad you're having a good time, keep us updated!


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