Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Let's be honest. Without my mom I wouldn't be here today. So today's for her...

I'll be home in two and a half months and I know my mom is happy as hell about that, I'm pretty stoked about it too.

I had a kick ass dinner last night of: salad that had apples and pears and roasted nuts in it, some salmon with rice and broccoli with a mango/pineapple curry and coconut milk sauce, man oh man. We started with some Alsatian champagne and later had some vodka lemons after an espresso after dinner.

I have done a good job this weekend of not doing too much. I bought a blender, I had a private lesson, I have a 5-day work week coming up but Thursday off. I plan on going to Frankfurt on Sunday to go to an NFL Europe game with some buddies.

And you?


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