Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another Monica

It's hard to believe that a Monica might bring down another administration. Of course, the Bush administration fights to the death so we'll see what happens.

In probably one of my nerdiest moments (again), I'm less than 2 hours away from Ms. Monica Goodling testifying before the House Judiciary Committee about her illegal activities as liason for the Department of Justice and the White House. She has already failed to turn in all relevant documents (emails) about her involvement and so that doesn't bode well to her telling the truth but I have a feeling that if she doesn't, she might end up in jail tonight or very soon. If, by some miracle she does tell the truth, other people might be in jail soon, namely Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales and Kyle Sampson but we'll see...

I'll be able to watch about 90 minutes before going out to a birthday dinner with some friends. In nine and a half hours I'll be 33. Oy vey!


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