Sunday, May 06, 2007

3pm Sunday

It's perfect weather, I've gone jogging, graded 10 tests, even cleaned up a bit! I watched some Simple Life 3, Woodstock documentary, and now just watching King of Queens, a show that my folks and my buddy Gregg said they liked. So far so good. Some good jokes but I'm an easy mark.

I talked to a guy in Montenegro named Vlatko today. He's helping me with an exhibition in exactly 3 weeks. The photos have been developed and that's all that's gonna happen. He did tell me that it's going to be at a friend's gallery and we will be festive in the "piazza". It's going to incorporate Couchsurfing as well, with photos of places I've had couchsurfing experiences and hopefully bring a few strangers together to become friends.

I have a new private student on Wednesday afternoon, a Korean girl whose sister knows Yumi, another private student I have who is from Japan. I will teach her about 3-4 times and she then's going to another place, maybe home. My life always has interesting paths crossing.


At 9:58 PM, Blogger J said...

You must be one heck of a photographer to have exhibitions. I love taking photos, but am not good enough for an exhibition.

At 8:16 PM, Blogger Jason said...

You'd be surprised. It's about having faith in yourself. You probably could find a cafe around where you live who would put your photos up for a month and you could have a little opening night type gig with drinks and food. Email me for more info.


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