Sunday, April 29, 2007

What Mooney doesn't know

could fill a blog post.

What he does know is this: He is flying September 12 from Los Angeles to Frankfurt, Germany with Air India. He's going to arrive in Freiburg around 6pm on Thursday, Sept. 13. The next day we will fly from Basel, Switzerland to Malaga, Spain at around 6:20am. We will have one day without a place to stay (somewhere north of Malaga?) and then on Saturday afternoon we can check into a 5-star property (Club Sunterra Los Amigos Beach Club) that we will have for the week. We have a car rented for approximately 22euro/day (less than 30bucks) for 8 days. We will either fly back on Saturday or Sunday, September 21/22. That will give them Sun/Mon/Tue in Freiburg with a daytrip in Swtzerland. Sounds like a sweet trip, eh?

He's still asleep here on Sunday morning and I just booked him a hotel, a flight and a rented him a car and he has no idea. What's what Mooney doesn't know.


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