Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday evening free!

Man, it's amazing how life works out. I quit my lowest-paying work at the Volkshochschule for this semester because it wasn't worth it for me to earn 70euro for 3 full hours of work. That's approximately 31 dollars an hour and that's too low, it's amazing how different things are here than in California. Anyway, I figured it was worth losing the 1000euro for the semester if I could have some of my life back. Well, then I got an email from a woman who also teaches at the university here and she asked me to teach a Tuesday evening class, something that would have been out of the question the past 3 years but because I had quit my Tuesday evening classes (further away from home mind you, getting me back around 9:20pm), I could accept. Well it turns out that the 90 minutes for this new company is about 10euro less than the 3 hours working for the VHS! Me gusta!

Me and the guys are hoping to go to an NFL Europe game in Frankfurt in the next two months. We are all big NFL Fans (Rams here, Giants, Broncos, Bills, Bears and Bucs are our affiliations) and I am trying to talk them into getting the Schoenes Wochenende ticket which allows 5 people to travel on all slower German trains for a full day. It would take us 3.5 hours there and back probably but completely worth it, allowing us to drink on the way and no one will have to worry about getting us home safely, well, besides the train conductor.

This was probably about the 10-11th day of perfect weather. This reminds me of southern California actually, it's uncanny.

The girls are watching Desperate Housewives, I'm reading some political news blogs, watching comedycentral highlights of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and thinking damn, I gotta get up and go to work in 9 hours. But you know, that's okay because while I don't particularly like my morning job at 8pm, the pay is okay, it's in the center of town and the people are nice enough, just a tad sort of boring. But that's not their fault. Or is it? Nah, don't think about that, it is work and I must approach it diplomatically...hahahahah


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