Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jacques is gone

We're back in freiburg, an amazing 11-day journey through Central Europe with the folks. Speaking of whom, they are currently in the movies here in Germany! We got back around 5pm and they are without chaperones until monday after work! :) Man, what an amazing time we had in Frankfurt, Berlin, Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava, major cities in Europe, catching a different vibe in each place, getting better and better weather and of course it's super cool to travel with the parents, it's a little like travelling on clouds because of course we get to eat better, sleep in better places, travel around more comfortably and so on and so on, it's amazing how different it is than our hospitalityclub travelling, we're very lucky.

We lost Jacques in Budapest. He's a stuffed animal frog I got for Assiyeah almost 3 years ago. That little guy had been with us in pretty much all of our travels since then, and that means he has seen quite a few places for an inanimate object. And we came back after our first full day in Budapest and he was gone. We checked with the housekeeper and the front desk and nothing. It bummed me out for a few days, like our pet or something was gone. We're gonna have to replace him soon.


At 11:14 PM, Blogger alex said...

It is not difficult to find the motives for this degree of constraint in the expression of dream ideas...

At 10:21 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Jacques is back, we're relieved. I don't know what gibberish you're saying dude.


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