Saturday, March 10, 2007

Where we are in life

I'm in my living room, listening to 3-year old Howard Stern shows, relaxing, wanting to feel productive but at the same time so happy that it's weekend. I will go through the Turkey photos again, write in my journal about the bracelet:

On September 1, 2001, almost 1900 days ago, I bought a bracelet in Seattle after a Black Crowes show, promptly dropped it on the ground while walking away but was told I'd dropped it, went back and got it, slept on the 36th floor of a hotel that night, ordering room service. That bracelet just came off last night. It's been through so much. That was 10 days before September 11th. I was one of the few (and now it looks like selfish) people who had front row tickets to see my favorite band that night. I lost my job approximately 12 days after that.

I drove cross-country to Pennsylvania 3.5 months later. I went to Greece 3.5 months later. I drove back to California a month after that.

7 months after that I moved to Germany. A month after that I spent a month in the Czech Republic. I got my work permit a month after that.

Fast forward almost four years.

That's where we are in life.


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