Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What I just wrote to moveon.org

I am from Lake Forest but I live in Germany now. Thanks for sending the emails, I would love to say a couple of things:

1)This 2-year cycle is about slowly cleaning up, exposing and convicting on corruption.

2)We of course can't neglect things that are important, especially if a large pendulum swing of power continues through the next election are things that only Democrat-controlled White House and Congress could pass, like universal health-care, convicting white-collar crime like war profiteering, raising the minimum wage, raising taxes but using them in more visible ways, finding ersatz lives for homeless folks, allowing unions but all the while cracking down on corruption like no man's business, even if it eats our own. Our best chance to gain crucial ground is to speak louder than the others, focusing on the illegality of the war, taking a stance that yes, they completely disagree with the Republicans and the president and that hard choices have to be made but only because our country and our Constitution are hurting, our debt is mounting carelessly, the money that is spent on Iraq can be spent thusly:

*giving the best possible care to our wounded soldiers, including funding to help them re-integrate into society, having social programs is not the worst thing on earth

*rebuild New Orleans so amazingly that 18 months after the 2008 election, the Big Easy is going to host a Mardi Gras to end all Mardi Gras, partly by spending enough to fix the Levees and restore architecture Marshall Plan style

*investing in technology education, get more young people involved on computers, thinking of producing a good Anti-Hacking team and they will become more important daily, as the knowledge of computers begins to separate peoples.

Anyway, those are just some ideas. Advertise on the blogs, you know which ones I mean, those things are picking up steam and you could also mention them in your group emails, like: "These are some respected websites that some of our peoeple read daily" type of thing.


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