Friday, March 02, 2007

Turkish Wedding

We went to the reception of a Turkish wedding last night. There was no alcohol at the event except for a few people in the corner of the hall. We went to the liquor store a 5-minute walk away and came back with 10 beers and drank with them, keeping the beer under the table while people were dancing and sitting at tables and watching them.

We were hanging out with two guys, friends of our host. They introduced themselves as the Conqueror after the Sultan who successfully captured Istanbul in 1453 and the other dude as Sexy Tiger. I shit you not. The whole night I was calling the dude Sexy Tiger and after a few beers, you kind of got used to it.

Again, big news stories that the mainstream media needs to focus on:

1)the US Attorneys who were fired for "performance-related issues" even though 7 of the8 appear to have gotten positive reviews
2)Our concerns about North Korea's nuclear intentions appear to have been false
3)War Profiteering and also repealing the 2002 Act to give the president powers to invade Iraq
4)Joe Lieberman trying to hold the democrats hostage as he threatens to possibly switch to the Republicans, all the while writing an op-ed saying we have to give the new troop surge in Iraq a chance even though a year ago he wrote that the plan we had in place then was supposed to work

Is it me or does it seem that the Bush Administration has broken numerous laws and treaties in the past 6 years and they are doing what they can to try and cover up what they've done?

We saw the Virgin Mary house yesterday and also where St. John the Baptist is buried. Cool stuff but I enjoy the irony of having stepped in dog shit at the Virgin Mary house...


At 6:13 AM, Blogger Sandra Kraisirideja said...

Turkish wedding sounds interesting. Why was there no alcohol? I am intrigued by your news tidbits. I have heard people in foreign countries are more up-to-date on the news than Americans. Have you found it interesting seeing how America is perceived?

I heard somebody comment that if America elected Hilary Clinton for President that it would make America appear weak as a nation. Do you get that impression being in a different country?


At 8:23 AM, Blogger Mike said...

i don't think the US would appear weak if that an american who has lived abroad for 4 of the last 6 years, i'd say we *already* look weak--morally because of what has turned out to be a shamble of an invasion in iraq and, in light of the persistent insurgency in iraq and afghanistan, a bit weak militarily, as well.

or at least not as superior as the US military thought it would be in those areas.

bush has really fucked up the reputation of the US worldwide. any political capitol (capital?) that the US gained after the 9/11 attacks is pretty much gone, as is the current administration's credibility in the eyes of those countries having enough courage to stand up to his bullying with-us-or-against-us mentality.

having a woman in the white house-hell, having ANYONE besides bush is likely to make the US look better, not weak. certainly, female leaders have done decent jobs in europe, so why not the US?


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