Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Now I'm involved

I'm almost 33 years old and today was the first time I ever called a Congressman about something. It was about the Iraq Accountability Act which I honestly must admit I don't know too much about. However, I read a short blurb of what it was and sent me an email for my district Congressman and his phone number and I called and talked to someone working there and gave my info.

I don't necessarily think we have to publish the date the majority of our troops redeploy, but rather that large groups get out of there quickly and keeping some in Kuwait for a little, like 3 months, redeploying and providing relief for the groups who are left (something like 20,000 including logistics people) to keep the embassy safe and the rest are training soldiers and helping in some key logistical things, giving advice on water source redevelopment without having american contractors or foreign workers doing the work. We gotta give the Iraqis something else to do and so we have them rebuild their own cities and we'll pay for it, mostly financially I hope.

Assiyeah has Madonna on. I taught two Business English classes tonight and it was work, but I think I did a pretty good job. Next week is going to be a long ass week and I will work 8 days in a row next week, boo ya!

We're gonna watch Lost season 2 episode 1 now...


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