Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Well, the purge has begun. I don't want to go into details (yes I do!) but I have begun sending the majority of my money to the states. This way, once negotiations on a possible backpayment of German social security begins, I'll have MUCH less money here for them to potentially take. My plan is to actually have no money, or rather 1-2000 euros in my account when they send me some letter that they are taking money from me. Is now the time to buy a large, plasma screen TV? haha They will want about 7000euros from me and I am not in the mood to give them money for what is actually a horrible investment. I will be in a position of more strength, or less weakness. I could see myself having to possibly pay starting now for my future but I want to negotiate that even, because 20% of my income is, as you can imagine, quite a chunk and somehow ends up being about how much of my income I normally spend on travelling! Oh, the irony.

Scooter Libby was found guilty yesterday obstructing justice and perjury. I am experiencing schadenfreude today but this is a huge chink in the armor of the invincibility of the Bush Administration. The Vice President's lackey can go to prison, that means anyone can. I wonder in the next 6 months if more whistleblowers will become whistleblowers instead of people who could potentially go to jail for their actions.

We can thank the Democrats for this idea. I'm still disappointed that they cannot find a strong enough condemnation of the President's plan in Iraq to vote on, or that no Senators have filed papers to impeach George Bush. There is ample evidence to suggest that the impeachment papers should at least be filled out. Perhaps he is found innocent but I think it's only right. If you're going to spend 10 times more investigating Monica Lewinsky than you do 9/11, Republicans have to learn that war profiteering, defrauding the US into war, lobbyist and corporate interference into government can all be punished.

I told a US History class today that the best our justice system can do to deter old fat white guys from corporate illegality is that they will be butt-raped if they go to jail. That's the best we can do. Our criminal justice system is in shambles, with more marijuana users in there than murderers (probably), our healthcare is a sham, with the inability of the government to negotiate better prices for medicine and with many young and able people of the US uninsured, all in the name of money. I'm not against making money, in fact it's an admirable undertaking with hard work and know-how but when it comes at the expense of human lives, now we've got to pull out the possible butt-raped future scenario to possibly dissuade them.

Tomorrow is ironic. I have to try and get another 90 day extension on my work permit but they might want me to prove that the German Social Security is working on my case. That's impossible, mostly because I have yet to send in the form but the German Foreign Authorities never gave me proof that they were working on my case. It just got swallowed into the bowels of bureaucracy and a few months later spewed out. Do you understand that I have had a "tolerated" status in the country for 51 weeks? It will be a year next Wednesdsay. In that time I have had 5 photo exhibitions, travelled to more than 10 countries and basically done my best to kick ass at life. Unbelievable...


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