Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's what some did do...

We have all of these fired US Attorneys. That in and of itself wouldn't have been so bad, but to have been done with politics in mind, with help from Rove who should have had nothing to do with this, with some one of the attorneys (Lam) having just gotten the #3 guy at the CIA and a contractor and a Republican congressman indicted/convicted, how in the hell could you fire her and not say it's political? What else would she have found?

And it's not that the attorneys didn't toe the party line and they got fired. It's about the other 85 US Attorneys and what they DID do to NOT get fired. A report out yesterday says that the ratio of Democrat to Republican scandals investigated by US Attorneys in the past 6 years is 7:1. That is 7 Democrats investigated for every Republican. And even if it were somehow conceivable that Democrats could have become so nefarious during the Republican-dominated Congress and White House, it couldn't possibly be 7:1 and still be considered impartial. And so that makes me think.

What did other US Attorneys, political appointees who should have nothing to do with the inner machinations of DC politics, agree to do on or off the record when an inappropriate phone call or email or conversation was had that asked the attorney to investigate specific things, something they should never be asked to do?

This story is getting bigger and bigger thanks to blogs and I know that blogs like will become a more important part of my American Newspapers class at the university.


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