Saturday, February 03, 2007

Knowing is half the battle

I went to the German Social Security yesterday at 9am. The meeting went exactly as scheduled. They realized that I was self-employed and started talking about 19.9% of my income for the past 4 years and every month in the future. That's unacceptable of course but what can ya do?

Well, first I'm going to fill out the form that they gave me and mail it in. In a month or two a letter will come back declaring that I must make a large backpayment and every month here on out pay more than my rent! Maybe having to pay 200euro/month I could "afford" (that's a large percentage of my beer/food/fun money) but the 7000 or whatever crazy number they're going to come out with I am totally against paying it. In fact, and I don't care what happens as a result of this move, I intend to take pretty much all of my savings here in Germany and send it to the States via Paypal. I'm not going to let them just up and take all of my savings. They're crazy if they think I'm going to give them a dime without fighting for every penny. So I'll send almost all of my money home and that way I won't have it here. I don't want them to write that in 30 days they will be taking 3500euro from one account so I'm going to preemptively strike my bank accounts, ya know?

As a legal answer, with the exchange rate at about 1.30dollar to 1 euro, it's a good idea for me financially to move it to dollars and wait until the exchange rate goes down a lot.

Anyway, I just had a private lesson for 3 hours and made 100euro, now I'm going jogging and then showering and then my chill out of an afternoon is going to start, yee haw!


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