Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bush press conference

I like to notice changes in myself. I just got really excited about Bush having his first press conference since Dec 20 and I have approx. 85 minutes to figure out if it will be on CNN here or if I can/have to watch on the internet.

I just rode my bike home in the rain. No, actually I just watched the 5th episode of LOST. Good shit, man. Anyway, it sucked having to ride my bike home in the rain for about 7 minutes but it was also one of those experiences in life that can make you feel more alive than sitting on the couch watching tv with a blanket on. It's weird because all of life's best experiences happen when you're in that vibe where you've given yourself to the moment and it's okay if rain hits my head, backpack, glasses, jeans, jacket, shoes and so on. I am riding my bike in the rain. I accept this as my current reality. Zennicty.


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