Thursday, February 15, 2007

20 days

I'm one of the luckiest people on earth again. I'm officially on holiday until March 7th. That is 20 days. It's mid-February and I'm going on holiday for 16 days to Turkey. Last year at this time we went to Paris for 9 days. It's hard to believe that a year's already gone by.

First off, I had the last classes at the university for the semester and it was interesting to see them without the backdrop of a classroom setting. Some of them I would be happy to consider a friend if I wasn't their teacher. That's why I like my job so much.

At this time tomorrow we'll be in the air (hopefully) on the way to Istanbul. I'm very interested in Turkey and Turkish history. I read a book about the decline and fall of the Ottoman Empire and it was fascinating and I am bringing a book called "1453" about Constantinople being overrun and turned finally into a "muslim city". I hope to take some good photographs, see some old stuff, eat some weird mystery meat, have interesting conversations with people late at night, listen to the radio while taking a bus for 6-7 hours, trying to sleep in a variety of positions and places and then get back safely so I can go back to work.

We should be arriving in Basel around 5:30am on Monday, March 5th. I have nothing to do really until 9:30am on Wednesday. And that week I will have to get another 90 day extension to my work permit. It's been going on 11 months now. What jackasses. Seriously, I'm fairly sucessful here, don't get me wrong, I don't make money but I have a nice, simple life with a lot of freedom and that freedom is worth more than money. But I got it going on here, with work coming out of my ass yet going on holiday for 2+ weeks because I want to. That's why I'm one of the luckiest people on earth.

I'll do my best to update while auf dem Weg...


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