Wednesday, February 07, 2007

17 on 15.40

I had the last class of the semester for a Business English class in a town 15 minutes away by train tonight. I had two small beers, one large beer, and my dinner was two hamburger-type things with a brown sauce, homemade potato salad and side salad. When it came time to paying, my portion was 15.40 (approximately 20 dollars). I told her, 17, thereby giving her a tip of 1.60. The student who was sitting next to me commented on me giving a good tip.There's one difference between the US and Germany.

The second one is that my time seems to be worth a lot more than it ever was in the US. Tonight, I "worked" (read: drank a few beers, ate some food, played a bit of Taboo) for two and a half hours. For that time I will be 144euro (185 dollars). My monthly rent is 130euro. It's all a bit shocking.

The German version of American Idol is on, my girlfriend just left to go dancing, another roommate just went down to the bar below our apartment to buy 4 beers. I've never seen her interested in alcohol like this. She's had two tests this week. Our other roommate is working the coat check at the library for a job while also working on her thesis on German writers in exile.I am envigilating a test at the University.

I didn't know the word envigilating until I moved to Germany. It's a British English word, apparently.


At 9:23 PM, Blogger J said...

Actually, it's 'invigilating'.

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Jason said...

haha, thenks! Withaut ewe thengs wood bee mahch hahrder!


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