Friday, January 12, 2007


Home at 11.15am on a Friday morning feels damn good. I cleaned out the bookshelf, found about 11 books to get rid, much to Assiyeah's pleasure, did the dishes, took the trash out, paid my doctor's bill from yesterday and still have the following on my to-do list:

1)go grocery shopping
2)bring some stuff to the cellar
3)clean off my desk
4)change my cell phone plan
5)do a workout
6)do some writing

That oughta be enough, don't ya think?

I'm glad to be working on this blog more often. I think I want to add enough to it so that some of my friends, more than Mooney, Zach and Maya actually read it sometimes. I know a lot of my friends have sedentary jobs and so they have 5-10 minutes a week to read what is going on in the/my world.

I spent a couple of hours online last night trying to figure out if I really have to pay this social security in Germany, it's tough to figure out because the vocabulary is high and also that different vocabulary is used even though the same thing may be being discussed. We'll see.

As I said a couple of days ago, Maya is coming into town. I'm going to dinner with Assiyeah tonight to a place called Harem, a Turkish restaurant where she and I can discuss some of our trip together and also have a romantic dinner. We'll be going to an Arabic cafe after that to smoke one of the big sheeshas which is a large water pipe used in many Arabic countries. It could be an interesting group of folk, adding Aaron, the soldier from Iraq I met in late November, and a couple of other people I have yet to meet so...tomorrow is meant for getting our room together, meaning putting shelves on the walls, organizing some of the furniture, stuff like that. Sunday I'll do my lesson plans including working on my tests for Furtwangen and then going to watch football at O'Kellys at 7pm. See ya soon!


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