Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I love love

All right guys, here they are, what will most likely be the next photo exhibition, the creme de l' creme of the cream, 40 rolls, down to 80 photos down to 40 photos down to about 15 photos here. I won't say that it is my best work because I don't think that it is but there are a couple of shots that are keepers. Unfortunately, the one photo we wanted to use as the main photograph for the exhibition was not digitized correctly and so I have to take it back to the store which will delay its publishing until next week but at least you get a glimpse of what the next photo exhibition will look like.

I am publishing this mostly for my friends and family who don't live in Freiburg and maybe didn't see me at Xmas time. You might not be able to make the exhibition/ fashion show in June here in Germany and so if not, you still get a chance to see the photos and try and get an idea of what two months in South America is like, if you add in the lack of hot water, the abundance of poverty, struggling to get your breath at 13,000 feet and the strange sounds your stomach makes an hour after eating food from a street vendor! Enjoy...

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At 7:44 PM, Blogger Sistatroll said...

Alright- I'm commenting. You'd better do the same for me. (www.morningstarliteraryjournal.com)

I am still insanely jealous of your quest and life in Europe. I do stop by and look at the pictures and read the blogs every couple of weeks.

Maybe I'll comment more.

It's beautiful over there and I'm glad you're happy. :)


At 5:05 AM, Blogger Roman said...

Nice pictures! I'm proud to say I own a few of them which will be honoring the walls of my music studio soon.
I hope it's nice in Freiburg right now because I just played a soccer game last night here in So. Cal in a bone chilling 35 degrees. Taking a ball in the thigh never stung more!
Take care my friend!

At 8:41 PM, Blogger Moondoggie said...

Roman is a P>ssy. Cold! Remember flagstaff? That was cold. nice pictures my friend you keep on keepin on over there. Don't let that government cheese bring you down!
Peace and chicken greese,
moon man

At 10:39 PM, Blogger Howard Brodsly said...

Hey Jason - nice shots - send me an email...curious what type of camera you are using


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