Saturday, January 27, 2007

German American idol

It's super cold, gray, lightly snowing, watching the German version of American idol, slippers on, chillin, going to the Irish Pub, tomorrow I'm going to correct tests, prepare an invoice, finish making another test, maybe go for a run, depending on the weather of course. It may not appear that not much is going on but trust me, it is swirling around me.

There's a scandal in a conservative German political party. The head of their party is going to step down, after running Bavaria like a prince's kingdom. There are two dudes who are vying for that guy's job. Well yesterday, there was an article about one of them who is apparently having an affair with a lawyer in his office and she's pregnant. And the whole time this politician has played himself as a "family man". You see, Germany is just like American, somehow!


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