Saturday, January 06, 2007

4.18pm, Saturday, 3 King's Day

I am sitting in my apartment in germany, legs hurting from hauling up all those heavy bags 4 flights of stairs but now I'm here, new laptop, new year, new wardrobe and reading selection, new hope and new worries, I'm happy to be here. I will get into a few different things in this blog but consider it a new start. Until this point, it was current, now it's old, ya know why I'm sand?

I just spent 20 days in Southern California, all of them in Orange County except two in San Diego and one in Los Angeles. Assiyeah was there for 10 days. So much of what is totally normal there throws me for a loop, as it's either bigger or better or worse and disappointing, things I never thought about make me stop and gawk and other things that used to be part of the spiritual ritual of coming home is slowly being phased out while the friends I have all become stronger as we live our separate lives. It's so cool to think of Z and A and N (should I not have just typed out their full names) all hanging out at my parent's house, all of us having known either other for 20 years even though often we ran in completely different circles, and knowing that they try and maintain a friendship with me, knowing it's pretty low maintenance 10-11 months of the year and then super high maintenance for the busiest and most chaotic month of the year. That sums me up pretty well.

Here are some things that I found interesting to say the least:

1)one of the major first channels had morning news containing one of the newscasters in her pajamas lying in bed with a microphone and one or two male models in pajamas under the covers with her while female models walked down a short runway with different pajama style. The newscaster was telling us that these were some of the hot pajama styles this winter. This was the news.

2)It's boggling to think that Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Keith Olbermann reach one of the largest, most savory of demographics and yet we still don't care and are content to enjoy our lives as we should, but never giving real thought to what is actually happening in the world. Those 3 newscasters bring us what is relevant far more than the networks. Hell, the first two guys are in bullshit mode the whole time and they still provide more news than the real news. The ambivalence to the outside world that I never used to think about shocks me at first today and then I get glazed into it again after a week or two. It's like I have a sweet heavy glaze on me when I'm there. Trust me, it's not a bad thing but just different from the berries in the forest feeling here. Okay I just exaggerated but I think you see where I'm going.

3)The politics in my country are so divisive. There's a haughty smirk when proclamations of a yearn for bipartisanship are made, especially when the the current minority has fucked up so much of our country to make money and take freedoms away. Foxnews I watched a few times because of the morbid curiosity. It wasn't as bad as I thought for most of the time but when it got ugly, it got ugly, just a poor excuse for bringing news to the people. The news guys who matter have to spend too much energy and how these politicians are fucking up and now we are on the eve (or day after, actually) of great change in the States. Democratic majority with plans for trying to help people, i.e., raising minimum wage, reinstating habeas corpus, warrantless wiretapping stopped, following the Geneva Convention on torture, pulling troops out of Iraq, slowing down the president's rush to become absolute ruler. The people have spoken and for the president to go against the majority on a majority of important things, we gots to have a talk. Considering that Joe Biden is going to have 4 weeks of official inquiry into the war in Iraq, a woman called a liberal just became the 3rd most important person in America, the speaker of the house. Let's see if Bush's own proclamations about bipartisanship were true. Is he really going to send more troops to Iraq when I read that 11% of the people favor sending more troops. We have the basis for the best country in the world and I still so proud to be American but I find it fascinating that all of the stuff I read about America living in Germany is pretty much happening and people like Keith Olbermann talk about it but it gets stuffed into the night in 10-second clips between commercials of primetime television.

4)I miss wearing t-shirts, shorts and sandals basically 9 months a year. I miss eating Mexican food. I miss perfect weather and a cheap gym making it very easy for me to stay motivated to exercise. When it's gray and 40-50 degrees tomorrow, it's hard to get motivated but I am going to do it.

5)Shopping in America around Xmas time is fun. Some guy in a shopping mall in Florida shot another dude for some piddly reason, killing him. There were sales galore and many possibilities for seeing many good stores on the same premises. Bought a whole new wardrobe, like 4-5 pairs of pants, 2 shorts, 8 shirts, new pair of shoes, 2 belts, sweet! Got some dvds, so many books your eyes would bulge, just like my bookshelf in the living room. I think I brought about 12 books back with me. I've read 2 of them so far. I brought a heating blanket for Assiyeah, a super cool board game called Cranium, a poster of butterflies and more and more. It is addicting shopping, don't ya think? Those gift cards make it too easy.

6)A 10-year old kid in Tennessee hung himself trying to imitate the Saddam Hussein execution he had somehow seen with his parents. The execution itself looked bad. I haven't seen it, just the most used quick shots with the noose around his neck. It is from a fucking cell phone! Someone at Saddam's execution had a cell phone with a camera and videotaped it and then uploaded it to the internet and all the networks were showing it over and over again. I kind of get speechless thinking of what to say about all that.

7)What the hell is Trans fat?

8)Every single person I know in California has a huge ass television, it's amazing. My parents go to the movies once or twice a week, I saw about 5 movies when I was home, Blood Diamond, Rocky Balboa, Night at the Museum, and Pan's Labryinth, and the Good Shephard. That could be how many times I go to the movies in Germany in one year. There are so many channels to watch it is boggling and still often there is nothing on. I'm guessing that onDemand will become larger and everyone I know using Netflix, getting dvds mailed to them like rentals and mailing them back for free in order to get more. Tivo and dvr of pausing live television. Saturday Night Live was funny but Neil Young surprisingly sucked.

9)It's expensive to do most everything in California, usually. People drop money like hats sometimes, amounts that German people would agonize over (as would I most likely!) before spending.

10)There is a strip club subculture in America.

11)The commercials get super loud when watching television, like double the volume or more. It gets louder here too but it's amazing how that is still allowed or enough people haven't complained about it. Should the television channel have say over YOUR volume?

12)Cars are huge, it's like people are flaunting how big their car is to show exactly how little they care about the environment because I can afford the 10 miles a gallon in my 50,000 dollar car! It's like military vehicles driving next to them, you would seriously think that each of those cars had missle launchers somewhere on them.

13)The people are great. You can meet some of the friendliest people for 10 minutes. It may mean nothing in your life but for that moment it's quite pleasant and that's a goal of mine often.

I could (and probably will) keep going but it's time to chill out some more. Happy New Year...


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