Thursday, December 07, 2006

Written on an English teacher messageboard

your take on my situation, john, really hits it on the spot. they are, i suppose, well within their rights to deny me an extension. They are wrong to do it, are going to end up looking foolish publicly as the onslaught of:

1)newspapers articles, in english and germany

2)emails and letters from all 182 of my students, asking why I am having trouble. And is it true that suddenly, after teaching them for 3 years, I have to invest 1 million euro in their country and employ 10 people to continue to live how I have been living the last 3+ years? They ask to be responded to. When the generic letter goes to each person, each can respond and now the auslaenderbehoerde and regierungspraesidium have entered into dialoge with almost 200 people from the local area, including employers, businessmen, lawyers, students, mothers, unemployed people, people who speak in a pretty hard Badish/Allemanisch dialect with grammar questions. I understand them, I am a native speaker of English who understands a good portion of their stupid grammar questions in their stupid dialect that I am constantly asking them about, wanting to learn new words like: huchekeshtle, sunniwirbele and countless others which embarass my girlfriend who is from berlin and thinks dialect words like guckele for Tute is a a bit embarassing, as is the German flag we have in our apartment which is mine. Me, is doing photo exhibitions and a fashion show with students from a culture management university I teach American history at. Me, who watched parts of about 50 world cup games around the town for a month, wearing my german flag as a cape like hundreds of germans, giving out german wristbands to one of my university classes before the WM started, who calls Freiburg the best place on earth, it is ME who has to leave Germany. Of all the people not from Germany who live here, I would have to say that I am in the top 1% of people who truly appreciate how beautiful this country works, and my possibilities to develop a life here, and how lucky I am to be with a wonderful German girl, who I plan to marry, and have planned to for a few years but we've wanted for her to finish school first, which is still more than a year away. She would lose her Bafoeg, and less romantic things and get us away from what should be the greatest day of our lives, with the wedding on the beach, drinks at sunset, dinner with all our friends and family, my friends drinking too much and dancing and jaegermeister and tequila shots, them having strange conversations with old people there, that is going to be when I marry, not just because I suddenly don't have a million euro. That just ain't right, yanowhaimsayn?


At 11:29 AM, Blogger May Cathrin said...

What exactly do they mean with giving ten people jobs?
I am doing some online teaching for a woman in eehhh, Bamberg I think. She has teachers around germany teaching online. This means that a student sends me one text per week and I correct it, and this woman gives me 17euro for it.
If you created a web site, where people who want to practice their written english, lets say to prepare for TOEFL or smth, could contact you and pay you, lets say 20euro for making sure they got online unterricht, and you passed this on to ten teachers around germany who got, lets say 12 euros per session (because it is actually no work), have you then given ten people jobs?

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Jason said...

it's a great job but I still need at least a hundred thousand euro to get that started, they say...


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