Saturday, December 23, 2006


Got the new laptop, chillin with wireless on the bed. Don't have too much of interest to report but wanted to discuss how I want to use my blog a bit differently in 2007. I have mostly been reporting on what's happening my life and the past few months it hasn't been too interesting maybe because of all this work permit crap. It's finally drawing to a close, even though it could end up leaving me broke in 2007. I haven't been broke in a long time. I don't really have money but I can honestly tell you that anything more than the 5000 bucks I might have to pay back could leave me with nothing in Germany. That sucks.

It doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. After all, I probably should have been paying this social security thing from the beginning but all of us teachers try not to think about it or discuss it because you never know when this big bill is gonna come and hit ya. I have had the most amazing life in Germany, it is by far the best decision I have ever made in life and so there must be a price to pay. The thing is, I always try and make changes in life before life changes me. It's important for me to be in control of my life, at least the general direction it's going and the past 9 months I haven't had control. I've been trying to discuss rationally with German civil servants and it's been more than frustrating. All of a sudden, I had no control over my life. It disturbed me and I fought back. I won, sort of, but then this bill is coming down the pike. They still got me. I am going to try and get it down to a lower amount but am not sure how or even if it is possible. That's how crazy I am. I am thinking of how I can make a deal with the government over back taxes, like I'm Kenneth Lay of Enron or something. Me, who made about 20,000 euro this year. It's insane how much under scrutiny I have been, whether it was the German IRS asking questions about my tax return or the local Immigration office.

See what I mean, it gets uninteresting after awhile. 2007 I hope to discuss other things, namely the photo exhibition I've begun working on, the fashion show, finish my fifth book, start a six one, do a bit of travelling, and try and improve my German and Spanish again. We are getting to a point where Assiyeah and I are perhaps 18 months or less from moving from Freiburg. I want to stay in Freiburg, I love it there and it is possible for us to stay but Assiyeah will have to find work there. Doing what, you ask. Well, I'm looking at translation now. I think it is something that she would be really good at and it would mean that she could live anywhere and do the job. I would, however, be willing to move to another part of Germany, or maybe Austria or Spain. I would really prefer to stay in Germany, and even Freiburg at that, because Germany has a nice standard of living and it's a great location in Europe. I am truly happy there.

Next year could see other new things. You can be rest assured that there will still be the occasional Friday night that extends itself a bit long and I can write about it but I probably will live a bit more German next year, meaning eating in restaurants less, not drink as many beers in bars (let's hope for good weather!), and not buy as many cds and dvds and books. I have enough stuff for now, I have plenty of books to read and already two trips planned for 2007 so it's not like nothing is going to happen to me. At least I hope not.

Look at me, it's Friday evening, I'm chilling in bed with the laptop watching Scrubs waiting for the Daily Show to start. I guess you could say that my life is normal, right?


At 2:42 PM, Blogger May Cathrin said...

I am sitting here with my new laptop as well! It's name is Matti, which is a typical sami name. My dad figured that laptop=samehode (lapp=same, top~hode) ie. Matti!
There was something else I was gonna say... hmm...
Dont remember, gotta read your post again, maybe it'll come to me

At 2:51 PM, Blogger May Cathrin said...

Oh yeah, from one pseudo translator to another, check out, and, hm, what was the other one... dont remember. My goodness, this state of doing nothing but eating has really ruined my brain!


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