Wednesday, December 20, 2006

at least 4,000

I got an email today. I can get an extension to my work permit. That is huge news and has been successful mostly because I other people have begun going to bat for me. The bad news is that they said I have to prove that I have paid 50 months of social security, something I have not been paying because I never knew if I would be in Germany long enough to collect it or not. The lowest amount I may have to pay is 80euro/month for 50 months which is 4000 euro. That would basically eat up every penny I saved in 2006 and even some of the money I need to live for a few months though I could survive somehow. Worst case scenario is 19.5% of my income pre tax for the past four years. That number would be much closer to 10,000euro, an amount I don't know. Now I am curious if it might be better to marry Assiyeah (for our financial sake) to save us (not me, but us) all of the money I have saved for us since living in Germany. I want to marry her, have wanted to for a couple of years and I would hate to have to give our money to the government and then not see it again for 35 years which is essentially what they're asking. This is definitely bad news wrapped all around some good news. I am curious to see how this is going to turn out but I know that it's going to be okay somehow, it just might mean much less holiday next year, less beer and restaurant meals, fewer books and cds and dvds but I think I can survive somehow. Keep your fingers crossed.


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