Sunday, December 10, 2006

6 days

hi (someone who has helped me with my work permit problem),

vocabulary: Auslaenderbehoerde: Foreign Authorities Office
Regierungspraesidium: Their boss
quatsch: rubbish, as in that, that's stupid to think that's how it is.

Guess what, it came. A "final" rejection for my work extension. Something is not right. Remember, you told me to write that while we are waiting for the law to finish being changed, let's put it on the back burner. And then they wrote back, okay, until November 30th. It came and went finally on December 5th I called to find out what was going on. Nothing.
I then got another email or two from guys in Koeln and Ruhrgebiet how they got their extensions. I then called the Auslaenderbehoerde in Koeln to ask their rule about this. When I asked about the million euro and the 10 jobs "thing", she said, "quatsch", only if you're going to open a language school. We have hundreds of musicians and artists in Koeln and naturally they don't have to invest a million euro blah blah blah. I asked if she would call the Auslaenderbehoerde to inform her on how you deal with the law. She said she wouldn't tell anyone in another Auslaenderbehoerde how to do their job but that Freiburg could call her if they liked, no problem.

Then I decided to try for an Auslaenderbehoerde in my own state, Baden-Wuertemberg. Karlsruhe got googled and 2 minutes later I was on the phone with the guy who would be my case worker if I was within the region of Karlsruhe. He said that of course no one of my status needs to have that million euro. I told him a little of my story and then he said I should go to the City Hall and file a complaint that I have been unfairly treated. He said in my case it was clear to him I should get the extension. I went there to the City Hall here in Freiburg and tried to file that complaint but of course no one told me where I could do it. One went so far as to suggest I go to the Auslaenderbehoerde one floor below us. I ended up going there in the end. I got to speak to the supervisor for my case worker. I told her about Karlsruhe and Koeln. I asked her advice. She told me to move to Koeln. It wasn't until hours later that I realized how much she had insulted me considering the fact I have lived in Freiburg almost 4 years.

Anyway, I asked if she would at least ask her boss at the Regierungspraesidium if he didn't think it was a little strange that in Karlsruhe, just 120km north of where we sat, English teachers like me in the same state were getting extension swithout problem. She stonewalled me. I asked if she knew that the Ministry of Domestic Affairs was going to have a vote in January if whether the Auslaenderbehoerden should have more power to make decisions on a case-by-case basis. She said no. So now she knew that but still typed a letter the next day rejecting me, even though we had decided more or less to let this run until we got some sort of decision by the Congress.

I have 6 days to write something back. A friend of my roommate is a new lawyer, and so she is free. She is not an expert of Auslaenderrecht but it does say lawyerafter her name, ya know? We're going to write a letter tomorrow maybe. What should it say?

1)That I have been in Germany, the same city for 3 years and 9 months. Never once in that time I have gotten a penny from the State.
2)That I have worked very hard as a foreigner here to build up the work that I have, and have been out of trouble with the law (knock on wood) the whole time.
3)Again, how much I love it here in Freiburg, how I have developed a life here, this is my home now. You can't kick someone out of their hometown, can you?
4)The conversations I had with Koeln and Karlsruhe, including their feelings on the subject, and even what the guy in Karlsruhe said about filing a complaint.
5) That they might be receiving hundreds of emails, phone calls and letters from students, friends, coworkers, employers, local politicians, lawyers, radio, and the newspapers. This is not a threat whatsoever, just giving the head's up.
6)That part 4 of Paragaph 21 says that after 3 years of having a residence permit, you can have a permanent residence permit.
7)That I have indeed confirmed that Karlsruhe would be happy to give me a 2-year extension to continue work in Baden-Wuertemberg based on my current qualifications and requirements.
Here is the number and name of that guy.
8)Is it really necessary for me to "move to Karlsruhe" for a month, wait for my file to change Auslaenderbehoerden, get my work extension there and then move back to Freiburg?
9)That I have been untreated unfairly, listing the following points:
*Frau Ortlieb said in her opinion, I should get the work extension. When I asked her then what I should do, she said I should sue the city of Freiburg.
*How often the people do not work there and there is a substitute who either is extremely unhelpful, impolite and unpleasant is or super nice, unconcerned and helpful is.
*That my case worker seems to have absolutely no power to make a decision.
*That his boss does not have the authority to decide but can write the rejection letters.
*That when I told Frau Ortlieb about Koen and Karlsruhe, that she said I should move to Koeln as advice.
*It took them 3 months to respond to first letter. They gave me 3 weeks to write back. It took them more than 4 months to respond to the second letter and gave me 6 days to respond.

This is going to get ugly for people. I didn't want any of that. I just wanted my stupid extension. My radio piece was on the radio today. I'm going to the newspapers on Monday to blow this shit through the roof. I already wrote an email to Gernot Erler, the local congressmen.

I more or less just wanted to give you an update since you've been so helpful. I can't afford you and therefore don't expect anything from you though it would be nice just to know you read it all and might offer a few thoughts. Any advice would be appreciated!


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