Saturday, September 23, 2006


Two months in South America under the belt, seems like we just left yesterday, there's actually quite a bit to tell but I'm so jetlagged I'm out of it!

The flight from Lima to Caracas was okay but getting on the plane in Caracas was such a huge pain in the ass! We had to wait in at least 3 different lines, clusterf*ck! Caracas to Paris was fine except the seats were uncomfortable as hell and on the second two flights there was someone near who stank like hell! We arrived in Paris safely, obviously, but missed our connecting flight, something that forced us to wait around an extra 4 hours, then the flight left an hour late, my bag did not arrive and we arrived home about 5 hours after we had originally thought.

Remember now, home has a different meaning. We moved before we left for South America so we came home to a new apartment across the street, smaller, older, no balcony but still nice and much much cheaper! So we got home and there was a dude from Saudi Arabia living in our room. We knew that someone would be living in our apartment besides our roommate but we figured he would be living in the other room, so we're going to have to switch tonight or tomorrow.

I went to bed around 11pm and slept until 12.30pm today! Seriously, it's only 6pm but I'm already tired! haha I got a haircut, dropped off my 39 rolls of film from the trip. That's great, because I hoped to have 40 good pictures so that is only one picture per roll. I need to think about the next exhibition, would like to do it before the year is out, UNLESS ISW, the culture management school I work at, the students want to help me do it up bigger than the last two times because that I can do on my own now, ya know?

We have our lives in the cellar but no motivation to go dig in there to find the nice clothes I'll need next week for work so get at my books and well, my life as I said. I'll be in touch!


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