Tuesday, September 26, 2006

back to "normal"

I worked for the first time in two months today. Normally that is a joyous occasion, a relief to be part of societ again. Uh huh. Granted, it was just 3 hours of work, listening to oral exams but it was tough to concentrate again. I can't believe how much I'll be working come mid October but it's a deal I make. When I work, I work a lot but then there is time off. It's almost a given that the following times each year could be open to me if I wanted time off or travel:

mid Feb two weeks
Easter two weeks
late May/June 10 days
late July two months
Xmas three weeks

that's insane! And more or less, that is how I use my time. Unfortunately, when it is time to work, there is no chance for sick days or vacation outside of those times. I'm not complaining. Just think, I only have to work my ass off for two and a half months and then I'll be in California for three weeks. That is a fair deal to say the least!

What about next year? Yes, I'm such a travel freak, a 32-year old trapped in a 25-year old mindset that I'm scheming already about next year. But also I've got to plan, that's part of it as well. My folks will probably come visit around Easter and I think our plan is to go to Berlin finally, meet Assiyeah's parents (I've met them already but the folks haven't!) and then maybe go somewhere for a week, either to Scandinavia or Spain. I'll probably go somewhere for a week in the late May spot and then next summer I am thinking hmm, where? Central America has its hurricane Mexico could be big enough for us during that time, I think it's got to be a Spanish speaking area so that we can improve still but that is so far away I can barely think about it, but yet here I am...

I picked up 35 of the rolls of film from South America. After having looked at about 15 rolls, I see some mistakes/difficulties I'm having with the zoom lens, exactly what I was afraid about on this trip. I have about 3-4 good shots I think and many were messed up because they just weren't in focus enough, especially once they are blown up to poster size. If nothing else, it was a great learning experience for me, mostly that the shutter speed must be much faster when using the lens and well, that's it.

I gotta check the carrots that are boiling and I gotta work at 9.15am tomorrow so yeah, things have kinda returned to normal...


At 7:35 PM, Blogger Leharik said...

Cool! Yeah, it`s good to be back to normal. ; )
Hope you have a smooth transition.

At 7:59 AM, Blogger Jason said...

yeah, up at 7.30am, taking a train 80 minutes at 9am, things are almost too much back to normal! When are you heading to good ole Deutschland again?


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