Saturday, August 19, 2006

day of the humahuaca

Howdy from Tilcara! What a place, it reminds me of an old Arizona mining town. None of the roads are paved, there are about 5000 people here and I just saw my host walking past the internet cafe on his way to his bar, a charming little place called Los Tientos.

It was strange, leaving the civilization of Salta and a wonderful beautiful house and getting to what is essentially a village on a road that leads from civilization to the middle of nowhere. Our host, Josema, is a super nice guy and we had beers and Italian food at his bar last night. He also showed us coca leaves and how you chew them to help with the elevation. We didn´t quite get it right but we´ll try again tonight. Don´t worry ma, it ain´t cocaine, okay?

We took a bus to Humahuaca today, about an hour away, another of these villages further down the road to nowhere (actually bolivia). It was much more touristy with paved roads and all but we had a great time.

I may actually have a photo exhibition tonight in Josema´s bar, it´s not for sure but we talked about it last night and it could be fun, that is if I can stay up late enough. We ate dinner at 11.15pm last night and people didn´t start coming to his bar until about midnight!

My lips are chapped, I bought some of my first real souvenirs today, a small silver ring because I lost my black o-ring in Salta, a cool woven belt and also a small tapestry to hang on the wall.

We are off to Bolivia tomorrow, pretty exciting. This trip is not easy but I am enjoying every single second of it, especially because of moments like earlier when we asked for directions to visit the pre-Inca ruins above the village and ended up having homemade yoghurt and granola snack there. HmmmmMmmmmm. The people have less in general and in a way it makes them much more willing to give everything. I like that, it is really inspiring.

Much love to ya´ll, go Dodgers!


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