Sunday, August 06, 2006

Day Brazil

I visited my 28th country today! We have been busy and there is lots to tell but time is short so we´ve got to get to it.

Yesterday we woke up, had a nice breakfast and went for a walk to the visitor center at Igauzu. It was mostly large green foliaged pictures with drawings of animals and butterflies that we may or may not encounter along the way and soon we were on a slow moving train (5 miles an hour) to the Garguanta del Diablo which means Devil´s Throat. We had to change trains for some mysterious reason and then had to walk a little more than a kilometer over some catwalks that were over water and drying rock. Apparently the water levels of the Igauzu River are at their lowest in 37 years but it dídn´t really detract. We saw two small crocodiles, some cool colored birds, a turtle and then the falls, which were pretty breath taking. It was a perch overlooking the edge and on one side was filled with mist so people over there were looking frizzy and covering camera lens.

On the way back, we saw a bunch of young girls taking pictures with two dudes from Australia, pretty classic. Then we met two people sitting on the train with us, Aaron and Rachel, he from London and she from Sweden. They were the first couple roughly our age that we had met on the trip so far and we bonded with them. there was a brief embarrassing moment after we got off the train because all those same young girls were calling my name with my mom trying to contain her laughter behind them. They wanted a picture with us.

Then all six of us (Rachel, Aaron, Assiyeah, my parents and me, not the young girls) went to the hotel for a nice lunch and then we all took the shuttle into town. My folks and Assiyeah and I wandered around a bit, mom buying an ornament for the Xmas tree and then we left them and met up with Rachel and Aaron. Aaron, if I´m spelling your name wrong, sorry dude, didn´t know how to spell. We bought some liters of beer and the cheapest bottle of vodka in the history of my world, about 1.65 US dollars for 3/4 liter and a 3 liter coke bottle. We walked back to their hostel and sat outside in the charming, candlelit courtyard and had some drinks and great conversation while rock music blared pleasantly into the night. Our remisse, a word meaning private taxi, took us back to the hotel before midnight.

Today we were up at breakfasted and got a driver named Omar to take us to Brazil. It was without complications and it was great to see the other side of the falls, a completely different view and with more commercial opportunities, almost too much but better than the nothing at the Argentine side. We had a great lunch with an even better view while there. I got an awesome photo of a lizard eating a butterfly and we saw some raccoon like animals called Cuanti getting into the trashcans and basically making a scene for all to enjoy. We laid out at the pool for a bit when we got back and plan to chill out tonight.

I learned today that we may need to pay 65 dollars for a visa to Paraguay so that plan has been thrown up into the air. So either we´re going to Asuncion OR Posadas, Argentina next. I´ll keep ya updated. Oh yeah, we saw some monkeys by the hotel today!



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