Thursday, August 03, 2006

day anger

howdy folks,

I only have a few minutes because some lady is waiting to use the internet here at the hotel, the same lady who used it for 30 minutes while I was waiting for her yesterday!

We went to an all you can eat restaurant last night, 11.33dollars per person and it had amazing food and a small pitcher of your desired drink was included, as was dessert. The most amazing aspect was that there was a huge corral of people in the waiting area, approximately 40 or so at 10.30pm waiting to eat!

Pops and I played golf yesterday, the cheapest golf course he´s ever played. It was less than 7 dollars to play and we played as a twosome and had no one behind us the whole day, it was fantastic.

More importantly, and why the title of this post is day anger, is because yesterday I got an email from the Auslanderbehorde telling me that my request for a work permit extension has been denied. Their answer was convoluted and contradictory to what my case worker there told me a couple of weeks ago. He had, in effect, told me that it was in the bag and that he was just waiting for something in writing, and then this email comes. I am pissed and angry and I´ve already got some people working on it for me. Somehow this is going to be a big mistake for them. They´re lucky as hell seeing as that I am far away for the next seven weeks and I wonder if that was part of their reasoning for sending it to me now. To their credit, they did email it to me because they knew I was gone but I only have until the first of September to respond. I will not be able to retain a lawyer from such a distance and my first response to them will be to that effect.

Other things of note: we visited the Evita museum yesterday, saw the Japanese garden. I will tell you more of what we´ve been up to but mostly wanted to give you all a chance for some update. You can probably feel that I´m rushed right now, my fingers are flying across the keyboard like a 70´s secretary but this lady with her fake lips is on my back and well, no me gusta!

I keep learning more spanish words everyday and it amazes me how much assiyeah understands. It´s so cute to hear her speaking too, especially because when we first met in greece, she and I tried to speak a whole day in spanish. we only made it until 3pm but we tried, right?

I´ll keep ya´ll updated on everything but keep your fingers crossed. The German government just told me that my way of life, the way of life that has let me thrive for the past three and a half years is over and I´m trying to tell them, nope, you´re wrong, but in a smart, calm logical way, a very difficult emotion to represent when dealing with all of this stuff.

Oh yeah, Assiyeah got a new haircut yesterday and it looks great!



At 6:48 PM, Blogger Howard Brodsly said...

Hey man...where are the pics of everyone...NO EXCEPTIONS.

At 11:44 PM, Blogger Jason said...

I haven´t been able to upload any into a computer, sorry!


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