Friday, August 04, 2006

day 8

We´re off to Puerto Igauzu today, to explore some famous waterfalls, though they may not be as impressive because of drought, and do a daytrip to Brazil to see the falls from the other side.

Yesterday we wanted to visit Teatro Colon but the tours were booked out so we walked around to Palacio del Congresso then took a taxi over to Museum of Bellas Artes and saw a good mix of European and Argentine art. We had a good lunch at an old school place called Munich. It was in a touristy restaurant area but the only one without outdoor seating and it looked closed but it was in our guidebook and you could see the people inside were surprised to see us, or my hair. I can never tell anymore!

We visited the national church of Argentina and then the famous cemetery Recoleta where Evita and all of Argentina´s famous people are ostentatiously buried. You have never seen such a collection of hugely ornate tombs and sarcophagi, it was disgusting in a way. For dinner, we went to a nice cafe called King Castro and then Assiyeah and I went to the oldest cafe in Buenos Aires, from 1858 called Cafe Tortoni. They had a tango show but we didn´t go.

I could add quite a bit more but people are waiting for me. There is only one computer in the hotel, ya know? But some thoughts about Buenos Aires. There is quite a bit to do here, the taxi drivers have all, with one exception, not screwed us with the price of the ride and they have all been 5 dollars or less which is amazing when you think that it costs 3.50 dollars in Freiburg just to sit in the taxi!

A shitload of dogs and well, their by product, and a chaos that we were removed from because we´re travelling this week with the folks. Buses of all colors going all directions at all times, people running across the street recklessly, 3 taxis in 2 lanes´worth of traffic, people searching through the trash at every corner at night for god knows what. I think they´re looking for bottles and stuff to sell back but a taxi driver told us they´re looking for food. This just a couple of blocks from the ritzy hotel we´re staying in.

Oh yeah, our waiter yesterday at Munich was 78 years old and had been working at the restaurant 33 years. That´s longer than I´ve been alive. And that is something about the city. There are parts of the city that feel like they have not changed one iota in years and years and it doesn´t feel like 2006 here somehow. That´s difficult to explain but it just as easily be 1985 here.

I need to finish packing and figure out what to do with my photos because the ones I sent to cuzco, peru have not shown up which means I´m going to have to carry a tube worth of photos for the next 6 weeks. Joy, but hey, this was my idea, my plan and I´ve got to live with it. Remember, I´m trying to take this photography thing to the next level, including having a ton of write offs for what I´m attempting and so I´ve got to go the whole nine yards. We´ve gone a little more than a yard a this point so it´s time to put on my squeaky shoes, drink some water, brush my teeth and think about our day...


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