Tuesday, August 15, 2006

day 18

at a small internet cafe by our host´s house and only have a few minutes. Nothing to add, actually but life is good here, we have really had a good time on this trip and it is hosts like we had in Asuncion and here in Tucuman that seem to make this place seem less, well, strange. It´s the same as america and europe in the respect that as a tourist you walk around, take pictures, sit and have a coffee, write postcards, eat something, go to a museum, take a taxi, watch people, the whole nine yards but the people here are used to living with much less than where I am from. It makes me feel a bit guilty in a way, me coming from the suburbs between LA and San Diego, essentially having everything a person could ever want in life, seriously, everything and even my childhood was relatively normal for that area. It has made me appreciate where I am from, where I live now in Germany and maybe that is one of the main reasons to travel, to remember how good you have it back home.

Oh yeah, I got an email from the Foreign Authority today, they have granted me another 90 days until the end of November, telling me that my case is on the back burner until then. That´s great because I will be in the middle of all of my work at that time and not only will it be difficult for me to get to the Foreign Authority to discuss this with them because I will be working so much but it is very hard to believe that they will try and make me leave in the middle of a semester. I may even tell my companies, the ones that know about my problem that I will work for free during this time and if everything works out then I will ask for back pay but just to make a statement. This is one of the first times in my life that I have something to really fight for and I feel righteous for doing it. I´m sure they´re not trying to screw up my life, they just want to follow the law but sometimes that is the problem with laws, people only see them in black and white and not the gray area where my case falls squarely in the middle of.

Anyhoo, much love wherever you are, please tell other people to read the blog, we are all living lives and that is the most important thing. Much love and peace!



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