Monday, July 10, 2006

it's crunch time

17 days from now we will be on a plane to Paris which, a few hours later, will bring us to Buenos Aires. There is still a shitload to do before that and the excitment is having trouble manifesting itself as such. Today I made two copies of the key for our new apartment, a whopping 13euro for two keys, then I made some copies of the internet research I've been doing for South America for the past 6-8 months, then I went to work. After I got back around 6pm, I went and bought the toiletries I need for the trip, and I bought 36 rolls of film. I already had 7 rolls so 43 rolls for 55 days and I can always buy more, right?

I'm now ripping cds into my harddrive because I am now the proud over of an Iriver. It's like an Ipod but different (read: cheaper). It's got 20G which didn't mean a lot to me but I already have 1200 songs on there and it's only a quarter of the available memory. I'm currently ripping Peter Tosh's "Legalize It". This is going to be my music machine while in South America. I also hope to put about 100 photos on there as well, of friends and family to show people we meet.

I'm still trying to figure out what souvenirs to bring to South America. I want to buy 55 of something so that I can pass one out per day and get to know that person a bit, get their photo. It might even make a nice book afterwards. I'm going to start gearing this blog for the trip. I'm not totally sure what that but I hope to give a nice, long update every week from the road. I think starting this weekend, or rather Thursday (no wait, my weekend does start on Thursday!), I'll start a weekly article/update/blog about the trip, whether it be about preparations, things I'm bringing or just anything that comes up.

I also emailed all of my employers (9 at present count) of my new address. Yep, we're moving, it's official! It's one of the shortest moves in the history of moving, about 50meters away just around the corner but in a way it's longer than other moves because normally it goes from the room to the truck to the room and this way we have to walk these things across the street. But I finished grading the tests for one of my jobs and I'll be sending that invoice in this week. It feels good that things are winding down, they have to, because so much other stuff is winding up and making me feel like every single moment I should be doing something. Actually, I have this feeling often anyway. It's difficult for me to just sit and chill out for hours. No, scratch that. I can do it if it's going to be for hours but for like 30 minutes or an hour, it's hard for me to chill because there is so much I could be doing. Here is a list of important things that I never do:

*practice my photography, taking pictures around town, experimenting with light and the lens
*working on "A Humorous Guide to Leaving the Country"
*working on "Selling to the Norwegians"
*improving my German and Spanish

Isn't that enough? My desk is a huge mess right now and I don't even want to think about it. All of this shit will be in another building in two weeks and it's hard to imagine it. I wonder what our last night will be like. Will we sleep here on a sheet or will we crash across the street in the living room of our new flat. Uh, I mean, apartment. You see what Germany is doing to me? I've started saying "flat" for apartment. Oy vey...


At 10:08 PM, Blogger Zach said...

Jason - If you are reading this, you should be:

*practicing your photography, taking pictures around town, experimenting with light and the lens
*working on "A Humorous Guide to Leaving the Country"
*working on "Selling to the Norwegians"
*improving your German and Spanish

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Jason said...

it's almost midnight on a wednesday, i just wanna see if i can sleep in this heat! but thanks bro!


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