Sunday, June 25, 2006

what a difference a day makes

exactly 24 hours ago, I was in the middle of celebrated chaos, just after the German victory over Sweden in the World Cup. We'd been kicking ass, those of us watching I mean, Gregg, Masha, Janet, Maya, Whitney and me. We met 3 English guys and we showed them Jaegermeister. they liked it.

we finally got home about 2.30 and i was pretty trashed. today i boxed up my books (3+ boxes' worth) and took down a bunch of my pictures/postcards and kitsch on the walls. I organized some papers and smaller boxes I have, and now think that this is how this move is going.

I have not moved in more than 3 years. I haven't lived in a place that long since I lived got out of high school, 14 years ago! I've got so much stuff but not really, but i've got to break down and box all of my posessions here in europe, transport them down an elevator, about 50 meters down the street and then up 4 flights of stairs. It ain't gonna be easy but this amount of change at one time is tripping me out a bit, with the trip to south america, the end of the semester which means many tests, the world cup taking most evenings in the beer garden, the move, and my work permission which i still have yet to hear a freakin' word about. Can you imagine that I gave them this letter almost 6 weeks ago and nada. It's like they've forgotten about me, when in reality my life here is hanging by threads. I just don't know how thick the threads are. Just a simple "nein" from them is going to complicate my life greatly and it's going to anger me. Anger is not the right word. I'm mad, disillusioned, disrupted, and insulted even. I'm starting to sound like a sunday preacher so i'll calm down but there is so much going on in my life that having a beer in the evening with students while watching football is one of the few things keeping me grounded somehow.

Not to mention that I need to move the photos from my exhibition to another restaurant, and have to prepare for the ones in south america. Speaking of which, argentina and germany play each other next Friday at 5pm and just after that i'm going to a concert of a spanish hip hop pop group called Orishas.

I could go on and I guess I will. I found so much crazy stuff while going through my papers, old stickers from my childhood, and 3 year old bookmarks hidden between golfballs colored as baseballs and footballs, and bottle caps and fake gold, business cards matches, so many old postcards written by so many friends from all over the world and did I mention books already?

I made 2 new photo albums this weekend. It got 8 photo albums consolidated to 3. I'm pretty happy about that. That was pretty much the first start of my move. I guess you get a little insight into my soul right there...


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