Thursday, June 29, 2006

schniposa in 5

Not even every german person knows what 'schniposa' is. And because mine is almost ready, I've only got five minutes to explain this to you, pausing as a mild but lasting ripple of thunder grumbles. Simply explained, it's some of the best 5 euro you can spend in life, particularly on a Thursday night when it's been a pretty intense week and the next 5-10 days are really gonna be off the hissauk, yano what time sayin? Lots of work, and periferals, like moving some stuff over to the new apartment, giving tests, watching football and trying to figure out how to get ready to go to south america as it approaches like the biggest, most exciting meteor to head my way.

We are travelling from Buenos Aires to Lima and we have 55 days to do it. We leave in 29 days. Holy shit. holy shit. I've never been to south america, only been around north america and europe. It's a completely new experience and at 32 years I gotta say that completely new experiences, especially one of a travelling nature (see Ukraine, Slovakia, Greece), get me excited about life. I really feel like -- oh shit, I gotta get my schniposa...I'll fill you in in a minute but don't worry, I'll try and the newer (above) message not so revealing! ciao!


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