Saturday, May 27, 2006

typical saturday?

well, I was up about 9:30, checked out the Black Crowes setlist from New Hampshire last night and then just got through a bit of a workout while the girls were showering and going off in various directions to do group work for projects they have at the university. I'm going into the city, have a coffee somewhere and chill out, do some writing and reading, try and enjoy my weekend as best as possible. Tonight we're going to a friend's birthday party.

Tomorrow I'll do my lesson plans which should include a new class outside of town. They've told me nothing about it except for the course title which means I'm going to teach whatever because I have a feeling the school, or at least the department I work in doesn't totally have their shit together. They often don't call when they say they're going to or emails take forever to get responses. It's okay because I have a full week or work like this:

Monday: 2-5pm two classes at the Fachhochschule on IT
Tuesday: 7:30-9am conversation
10:15-11:45 university/reading and discussion
12:15-1:45 university/oral formulation
16-19:00 business english
Wednesday: 8-9:30 conversation
9:30-10:30 lawyers
11-12:30 british history
2:15-3:45 university/american newspapers

Thursday: 10-3:15 business english
4:30-6pm conversation

Friday: 11:15-4:45 business english

how much is that all worth? Well....that looks like about 833euro for the week, approximately what I need to live for a month. And that's good because the week after I'll be in Holland all week. Me gusta!



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