Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Things that concern me...

Now, I live far away in some other part of the world but don't think for a second that I'm not proud to be American. I love my country, I think, like communism, on paper it was a good idea perverted by humanity but "we won", so they say, and we're the best system apparently but these are things that concern me:

*The president authorizing "illegal" wire taps when there is a FISA court that almost always gives the warrant for the tap and it's retroactive which means that they can do it for a week and then file the paperwork. But for some reason Bush didn't use these courts at his disposal. That's why it's called checks and balances.

*What's our plan for the people at Guantanamo Bay? Are they going to languish there without trial for the rest of their lives? Is that our plan?

*Our plan for Iraq. I read the most interesting article from Joe Biden, the guy who I hope I have a chance to vote for in 2008, about his 5-point plan in Iraq. We have never seen ANY plans from the Bush White House about their plan about how to "bring democracy to Iraq" and "bring our troops home".

*That the new CIA boss might not be aware of the 4th Amendment, where the foundation of our freedom as citizens lies, needing probable cause to search and seize any property.

*We will issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants so they can get car insurance but we won't help them integrate into society at all. We "dont want them here" and yet who of us will pick strawberries or work at the car wash for 5 bucks/hour?

*Bush wants more tax cuts when it's obvious that we have used up whatever budget surplus we had 4 years ago, not to mention ANY goodwill we received from the world after 911. We somehow have turned into the bad guys after being attacked.

*When Oil companies say they don't need the tax breaks they're getting. That means they are making so much that they don't want to look too greedy, this after the boss at Exxon gets a 400million dollar severance package. Exxon posted the largest profits of any corporation in the world last year.

*Dick Cheney shot a guy in the face while hunting. The guy's assocation with Cheney are the slightest bit murky and he's a bit campaign contributer.

*Rumsfeld seems to think that things in Iraq are going according to plan.

*Why has there been no apology from the Bush White House about incorrect intelligence that has now killed over 2500 Americans and numerous thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis?

*The CIA was flying in and out of airports in Europe with prisoners they hoped to torture in places a little further East than me who supposedly "put up" with that kind of treatment of prisoners.

*Diplomacy with Iran is failing.

*The USA is one of the only countries to not have signed the Kyoto Treaty.

*Tomorrow I'm turning in my 3-page German letter to the Foreign Authority as my retort to their denial of my work permission extension.

Ah hell, that's enough for now, ain't it? Wanna add something or retort?


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