Tuesday, May 23, 2006

1 hour until my birthday...

here was today:

woke up at 6:30am, tired as hell...

rode bike to work, taught:

10:15-11:45am (here only listened to a presentation on the Simpsons)
12:15-1:45pm (here only listened to a presentation on obesity)
until 3:30pm break at home with pizza and research on art supplies in Amsterdam
4pm-5:30pm in a beer garden with students
6-7:30pm in a different beer garden with students
7:30-9pm same beer garden as second one.

the weather was so good that my last three classes I was paid to have a beer each time. Nice... just took a bath with the lady, it's 11:02pm and I can tell you that today has two points of interest:

1)notwithstanding the money I have set aside for South America, I'm as poor as I've been since I lived here. I am waiting for more than 2500 dollars from one school however but both my accounts are in the negative!

2)I earned 320 dollars today for the above schedule.

oh the irony...


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