Wednesday, February 08, 2006

quick updates

*I should have a new job at the Berufs Akademie about an hour away by train, very happy about that, it's far but the money is good and I'm poor as hell right now so...

*I had the sixth meeting for the photo exhibition. It will be on May 12th at the Art Cafe here in Freiburg and after a couple of weeks, will go to the Carl Schurz Haus and then to Lago and then maybe in September to Oma's Kueche. Those photos could be displayed until October sometime, about 4 months in and around Freiburg.

*I picked up 4 copies of "Postponing the Myth". I'm really excited to have one of my books that is tangible, I can hold it in my hands. My next book is "Using Toonies" and that one should be easier because I've already edited it twice so I should be able to get through it quickly.

*We are going to Paris next Thursday, my first time there in four and a half years and Assiyeah's first time. We'll be there nine days which should be enough to catch a vibe of the place.

*Today I'm dropping off some books/tapes with a woman who owns a language school I used to work for. It was one of the very first jobs I had here but I have not worked for them since September 2004 so I guess it was time to give the stuff back, right?

*In the last two weeks, I've read two books, one called "Salt" and the other "The Devil in the White City". The first was about the history of salt and the second about the Chicago's World Fair 1893. I think I'm going to read a book now called "How to Overthrow the Government". I'll tell ya how it is.



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