Sunday, January 08, 2006

The books I bought while in California

Now going home is always a Ben Franklin-type adventure, where I have a large bag of clothes, papers, photos and other things that I want to bring to California and then, in turn, bring a lot of other things back, namely books. This Xmas was a good example of how much I've been reading lately and how sort of books interest me at this point in my life so here is the list of books I bought while home:

A History of the Popes - Charles Coulombe (just as it says, broken down pope by pope)
Salt - Mark Kurlansky (great writer who wrote 1968)
Spice: A History of Temptation - Jack Turner (never thought about spice in this way)
The Devil in the White City - Erik Larson (about 1893 World's Fair in Chicago)
The Measure of All Things - Ken Alder (about 2 French journeys to determine Earths' diameter)
Nazi Hunter - Alan Levy (about the guy who hunted Nazis for 30 years after WWII)
The Great Bridge - David McCullough (about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge)
The Decline and Fall of the Ottoman Empire - Alan Palmer
Duh! The Stupid History of the Human Race - Bob Fenster (stupid things we have done)
The Darwin Awards - Wendy Northcutt (dumb ways people have died)
How to Overthrow the Government - Arianna Huffman (about what's wrong with US govt.)
Useful Idiots - Mona Charen (about how Liberals keep blaming America first)
It's Still the Economy, Stupid - Paul Begala (how Bush ruined big budget surplus)
2004 World Almanac
Dresden 1945 - Alaexander McKee (about bombing of Dresden at end of WWII)
The Main Enemy - Milt Bearden (about 1980's CIA vs. KGB in Moscow, Afghanistan, DC)

have you read any of these?


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